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On-Demand Webinars Library

Thank you for your interest in our content. This library is a brief selection of educational material we have carefully prepared for your review and consideration. Each course is designed to deliver; clear expectations, learning objectives, case scenarios, quizzes to test your knowledge comprehension, and takeaways based on the presented material.

Navigate to our core areas of expertise to review the available content. We invite you to inquire about additional content not available on this site. We can work with you to create content specific to your needs.


Tax Preparers

Review key IRS publications around data security. Understand the IRS security six. Identify which data is at risk and how to protect it. Know the requirements to report data breaches.

Identity Theft.png

Protect your personal information. Become familiar with the principles of cybersecurity. Identify the warning signs. Develop an effective incident response program.

1 CE Credit


Data Security


1 CE Credit


Protect from

Identity Theft

Virtual Currency.PNG

Understand the risks of accepting cryptocurrencies. Review crypto tax letters and notices.  Identify taxable and non-taxable events. Know how to prepare for a crypto client.


Understand how many types of audits you can expect from the IRS. Know the typical reasons for being selected for an audit. Know how to create an audit-proof documentation package.

Cryptocurrency Tax Implications

1 CE Credit


Prepare for an

IRS Audit

1 CE Credit


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