Change – A world of possibilities

We have changed our home/school/work address. Our body has changed from childhood to adulthood. Change is a normal part of life, yet every time we are exposed to change, we feel nervous, anxious, worried, and even opposed to it. Change moves us out of our comfort zone, outside of our routine, and into a new/different environment. Whenever facing Change, we are faced with two options: embrace it or fight it. Yes, pretending to ignore it is a way of fighting it. What could happen when we try to go with it? Instead of swimming against the river current, let's learn how to ride the waves! Let's explore what Change can do to our lives! Let's try to enjoy the ride and see where it takes us!

Change can allow us to grow, to learn a new skill-set, to update our knowledge on a specific subject. It could be as simple as trying a different way of doing things. When we open-up to Change, we evolve and increase our inventory of possibilities. 

We should be prepared to include Change in our life’s plans. Whether we like it or not, everything in life is bound to change. 

Let's talk about changes in the workplace.