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Animated Messages

Maximize the benefits of using this innovative technology to create purpose-built messages, improve your communication with your audience, increase engagement, make it fun and entertaining. In 60 to 180 seconds, your customers can receive your value proposition and a reason to get in contact with you.

8 Key Characteristics

We can help you maximize the benefits of using this amazing technology to expand your market reach, increase your success rate and turn your ideas into a unique, personalized message. Every successful explainer video includes some of these key characteristics;


  • Purpose-built messages

  • Increase engagement

  • Helps understanding

  • Make it Timeless

  • Audience Agnostic

  • Fun and Entertaining

  • Brand Development

  • Innovative

Our Process

We partner with our clients to work with them side-by-side throughout the entire process. Together we; dream it, script it, visualize it, and draft it, then we add voice-overs, music, branding, and eventually produce it. These fun and collaborative projects create final outputs fully vetted by our clients.

Why Use them?

Interesting statistics

Explainer videos, also known as animated videos, allow you to fully define and design your branding message and deliver it to your audience how you want them to receive it. These videos can be used to present products or services. This modern form of marketing transforms an average ad into a memorable message. 


     Let's not forget that Explainer videos improve Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

  • 10-20 seconds = Average time spent at a website

  • 96% = Customers believe a video helped them make a purchase

  • 95% = Viewers retain a message obtained by a video

  • 20% = People who remember "read" information

  • 10% = People who remember "heard" information

  • 58% = Consumers ready to trust companies with videos

Contact us today

to bring your message to live!

Still not sure?

How long is your elevator pitch? Does it always come out the same way? How many words do you need to communicate your value proposition? Is your message memorable?

A professionally made Explainer Video can answer all of these questions (and more in less than 60 seconds).

To see some sample videos, click here


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