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Are you ready to get back in business?

As society moves to reopen and get back in business, we all have a role to play. As individuals, companies, and community members, we need to design and execute a readiness plan to prepare us for what comes next.

This article looks to share three practical recommendations to facilitate the transition into our new reality.

Transition Committee. – Consider establishing a temporary team of highly skilled individuals with four key roles; Internal Business Owners, External Consultants, Project Sponsors, and a Moderator. Combining these types of resources will provide enough knowledge and experience to leverage business expertise and outside peperspectives so that decision-makers can arrive at informed decisions while stayingperspectives current with the rest of the market.

Wellness Program. – Returning to business is just the first step to regaining our sense of normalcy. Support our people might become one of the most challenging parts of the re-entry plan. Most people were accustomed to a fast-moving lifestyle. Then, with little to no warning, the world stopped. We were forced to change what we knew and wait until the “coast was clear.” Now, it is time to pick up the pieces and return to work. These dramatic lifestyle changes can cause fear, stress, anxiety, and mental illness that will impact our productivity. We might as well prepare for this potential situation. Create a program to offer counseling and support for those who might need it.

Use what works. – The pandemic changed our lives. Why not look into some of the changes and apply them to our new workplace? For example, virtual meetings have proven to address the need to mobilize teams, coordinate business schedules, and get the job done. Also, consider offering flexible schedules and use them as a practice for business continuity disaster recovery. Pre-pandemic, telemedicine was perceived as rare to non-acceptable. During the global crisis, telemedicine was the only option to care for some patients. Why don’t we consider that practice for non-life treating services and regular doctor’s visits? Again, we have the opportunity to use what we have learned and incorporate it into our new business practices.

Returning to work is not going to be a simple plug-and-play. The reality we left before the lockdown is not going to be the reality we find when we come back. Either we use what we have learned over the past year and prepare for a new tomorrow, or we call everyone back, open the gates and hope for the best.

Lack of readiness was part of the reason why the pandemic took us by surprise. One of the greatest qualities of humans is the ability to adapt. Let’s put it to use.

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