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Can You Get Solid Training in 1 Hour?

With the fast-paced lives, we lead nowadays, time management is of utmost importance. It applies to every aspect of our lives, be it personal or professional. When it comes to professional development training conducted by organizations to improve the skills and knowledge of their employees, long lectures are dreaded and result in poor engagement.

Thus, the question arises, “can you deliver solid training in 1 hour?” Yes, you can. Training is imperative for team building, acquiring skills, and targeting the KPIs of a company. Therefore, follow the tips discussed in this article to maximize your training efforts and make them engaging and effective in an hour.

Choose a Specific Objective

Each organization has different objectives that can be measured and improved upon with the help of conducting purpose-built training and webinars. Improving skills, increasing participants, and building professional behavior are targeted toward increasing revenue.

In a 1-hour training session, choose a specific objective rather than working on several at a time. This technique will help focus on the immediate challenge and result in effective objective-based solutions. It will help create SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-specific).

List the Benefits and Take-Away

Your training should define the objectives, goals and list the benefits gained when a participant completes the program.

Answer questions like, “how they can implement this training in their personal and professional lives,” “what are the benefits of the skills taught,” “and how they can grasp and implement this information in an hour.”

Once your participants are aware of the training benefits, engagement will increase.

Rely on Experienced Consultants

Rely on experienced consultants or field experts to conduct the session based on your training objective. Experienced consultants are aware of the topic being discussed, can share real-life examples, deliver a purpose-built message in less than 60 minutes, and provide participants with a knowledgeable and effective training program that positively impacts the business.

Manage Time Effectively

The reason why a 4-hour long lecture fails is that the audience loses interest. As an experienced consultant conducting the session in 1-hour, you should be confident in your time management.

Create a list of the topics you will cover, divide them into slots, and allocate a time to each slot. Then, plan what will be discussed first, what will require more time, or what can be pushed as key take-aways at the end. Follow the 80/20 rule, aka Pareto’s Principle, which implies that 20% of your hard work produces 80% of the results. So, invest that 20% into planning.

Evaluate at the End

To analyze your training’s success, set aside time for a feedback session to see if your participants met their expectations and are ready to implement the knowledge in their professional life. By actively monitoring your training, you can analyze its success, any gaps that need to be filled, or objectives that need to be emphasized.

An effective training session can help shape employees, increase engagement, and build better workplace relationships.

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