Customers' Testimonials

We take pride in working with our customers. Our dedication is reflected in every engagement. Our goal is to meet our clients' expectations. Below are a few of our customers' impressions about our work...

After attending the IRS Data Security Plan webinars offered by Eficient Advice, LLC, I was convinced by their security and knowledge on the subject. For this reason, in the month of December, I hired their services to prepare the plan. My satisfaction is total. Their professionalism in preparing it, the recommendations and the follow-up to complete it was to my complete satisfaction. They have given me peace of mind to be able to focus my time on fulfilling it and not on studying each of the steps to have it written. The IRS Security Plan was written and completed in a very professional manner and with all the requirements of the IRS. 

Irma Londono, Ilongi Tax and Accounting Services

Yonkers Public Schools collaborated with Efficient Advice, LLC to develop several informational videos. Families can now simply visit our district’s website and learn about the School Choice Process in a more transparent way. This partnership supported the district’s commitment to meet the needs of our families while transitioning to a virtual world - in English and Spanish. Efficient Advice’s commitment and expertise contributed to the success of our First Annual School Choice Fair in a short period. Our school district is grateful for your ongoing and professional support!

Roberto A. Scanga, Yonkers Public Schools.

Thanks to Efficient Advice, LLC for their great professionalism and expertise shown throughout the weeks that we jointly develop the IRS Security Plan required by law. In the same way, I had the opportunity to improve my work environment with his recommendations. Always grateful, recommended 100%. 

Jose Espinal, Latinos Solution's

Efficient Advice, LLC, did an outstanding job at delivering their training program - Creating a Great Webinar- which helped us reinforce our approach and improve our techniques. As a result, our webinars are more focused and our clients are extremely happy with our end product. Efficient Advice, LLC is a great strategic partner to any organization looking to maximize resources productivity via training and improved business skills

Toby DeRoche, Insight CPEs

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